Millersburg Ordinance Page

The Village of Millersburg provides Codified Ordinances for use in obtaining information.  Millersburg is a Home Rule community, which means, we have the ability to create and modify specific laws and regulations unique to Millersburg.  This information is adopted by our Council and the new rules become law in the Village. 

You are now able to search and review this information from the convenience of your home.  Information like traffic citations, street trees, Council duties, and other information is now available. 

This service is provide by the Village of Millersburg through one of our Partners, Walter H. Drane Company.  Information contained within this search is provided for reference only and any use is at your own risk.  If you have any questions or require verification of data, please contact our offices at (330) 674-1886.   Click below to begin your search.




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