Street Department

The Village is comprised of several departments which provide services and benefits to Village residents and businesses.  These Departments include Street, Water, Wastewater, Cemetery, Parks, Pool, and Planning and Zoning.The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of all roadways within the Village.  In addition, the Street Department performs services for the Recreation, Cemetery and Pool Departments including maintenance and landscape services.  The Village maintains over 20 miles of roadways and over 100 acres of land requiring maintenance.The Cemetery Department provides internment services for the Village.  Oak Hill Cemetery is located in the southeastern part of Millersburg situated on a beautifully landscaped hill overlooking Millersburg.  This 23 acre facility is maintained by the Street Department.

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Pat Mellor- Street
Department Supervisor




Jim Miller

Rodney Arnold










Andy Zollars


Congratulation Art Miller

Retired 2018

Rick Hannahs

In memory of Rick Hannahs

06-21-1958 to 02-23-2014







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